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What is available with Ascending Families...


We accept all types of referrals; however we may determine not to accept a case if we cannot reasonably ensure safety.


​    To begin services, an intake and orientation are needed.  An information intake is the gathering of information about you and your case to determine the safety needs involved for the court-ordered service and whether Ascending Families, LLC. can reasonably ensure the safety of everyone involved.

     The purpose of the intake is to help guide the review process to decide whether we can or cannot provide services to you and your family.  California law requires a comprehensive intake.

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​     We’re equipped to monitor visits with special needs children challenged with a variety of conditions including verbal and nonverbal autistic minors, families struggling with parental alienation, mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence, anger management, and monolingual Spanish speaking families.

     Method of Supervised Visitation delivery may include: Telephone monitoring, virtual visitation, in-person visitation, and/or in-person safe exchanges.​

​     Our team regularly participates in professional growth trainings, have knowledge and direct experience dealing with parental alienation cases and our unmatched credentials are available upon request. 

       We’re committed to enforcing the frequency and duration of visitation w/o bias or prejudice.  Your family will receive services with an emphasis on safety and will be treated with respect.

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- Virtual Visitation
- Safe Exchange
- Phone Monitoring 

     Provided all parties comply with the intake and orientation process and the case is accepted, we’ll do everything possible to calendar services ASAP.  After the orientation, a recurring schedule will be established. We enforce the frequency and duration of visitation.  When scheduling, our office considers both parent’s schedules and ours to reach an agreeable schedule that works for all involved. Our office strives to schedule services one week in advance.


​     Fees are contingent on the number of children involved and where the visits take place.



You’ll receive compassionate and consistent services with a team of professionals who understand the challenges families face during difficult times, unbiased timely reports professionally documented that are free from judgment and are based on facts, observations and direct statement, clear direction, your confidentiality will be preserved, and the safety of the child(ren), adults, and monitor is top priority.

What they say about Ascending Families...


I also want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience and helping me and kids navigate this unusual situation. 

Having kids taken away based on outrageous and false allegations is really hard to bear and it feels like my kids are being held hostage- against their wishes of spending time with people they love. 

I appreciate so much how are continuously keeping me in the loop with dad.

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