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Separated parents limited to online contact with their kids during pandemic

Published 11/26/2022 

BenitoLink Reporter, Robert Eliason

     Though virtual visits are considered the next-best option to in-person interactions, one parent says they might be more beneficial to some children. 

     With all the ways that the pandemic lockdowns forced new burdens on everyone, children of divorced parents had their own special obstacle: in-person visitations with a non-custodial parent became difficult or impossible. The same technology developed for long-distance meetings was the key to virtual visitations, where children could spend at least a few minutes reconnecting with their mother or father once or twice a week.


You’ll receive compassionate and consistent services with a team of professionals who understand the challenges families face during difficult times, unbiased timely reports professionally documented that are free from judgment and are based on facts, observations and direct statement, clear direction, your confidentiality will be preserved, and the safety of the child(ren), adults, and monitor is top priority.

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