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Why Ascending Families ...


We understand that this may be a difficult time for you and your family, so our goal is to try and support and facilitate your access and visitation with your child(ren), if possible, and when appropriate. 

  • We monitor in-person, virtual visitation, phone calls, as well as facilitate safe exchanges. ​

  • With compassion, we help families exercise their court ordered parenting time.

  • We enforce the frequency and duration of visitation.  That includes escalating the matter as needed.

  • Our office tries to be flexible and accommodating when possible.

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Observation reports play an integral part

in the case resolution phase. 

  • Reports are produced and ready for distribution 24-48 hours after services are rendered. 

  • No opinions are included, and no judgements are made. They may lend credibility to a parent’s story. 

  • Documentation occurs during the court ordered parenting time.

  • They serve to give a clear depiction of what occurs before, during, and after the activity.   

  • Parents, Judges, mediators, evaluators, guardians, and attorneys benefit from reviewing comprehensive reports because they are written based on factual detail, observations, and direct statements. 


Our team is friendly, and straight to the point.

  • The safety and well-being of the child(ren), the adults, and the monitor involved is a priority.

  • Our team responds to inquiries in a timely fashion.

  • We are cordial but direct and strive for discretion. 

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Possible Reasons for Referral

Abduction (kidnapping) Risk

Child Physical/Sexual Abuse or Allegations of Abuse

Child Neglect

Concerns about Flight Risk

Court Order

Divorce or Custody Issues

Domestic Violence or Allegations of Dometic Violence

Drug and/or Alcohol Addiction or Allegations of Addiction

Emotional abuse or allegations of abuse

Grandparent(s) Rights

Lack of Access to Child(ren)

Mental Illness or Allegations of Illness

Mutual Agreement

Parenting Skills


Uncooperative Co-Parent

Parental Alienation or Allegations of Parental Alienation 

       You’ll receive compassionate and consistent services with a team of professionals who understand the challenges families face during difficult times, unbiased timely reports professionally documented that are free from judgment and are based on facts, observations,

and direct statements. With clear direction, your confidentiality will be preserved, and the

safety of the child(ren), adults, and monitor will be our  top priority.

When do you need Ascending Families...

What they say about Ascending Families...


Your kindness during such a difficult time, it meant the world!!! Thank you for understanding and empathy.

Thank you for getting these to me so quickly. Your professionalism and helpfulness along with your staff have made this process as smooth as it can be, and I really appreciate it.

You are awesome! Thank you so much! You are making this tough time manageable with your great communication and flexibility.

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